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Cessna Skylane 182

Assembled by Mr. Vasu

Cessna Caravan 208B

Assemble by Mr. Thawatchai

Cessna 182

Assembled by Mr. Yai

Cessna 182

Assembled by Mr. Chakrit
(Install .09 engine)


Assemble by Mr. Thawatchai


Assembled by the women who is novice in assembling airplane kit, but  there is the diligent until succeed

Cessna 182

Assembled by Mr. Kajornsak
Install .15 engine
Cessna 337 Sky Master ( O-2 )







We searched the world over for the Sky Master kit in a compact size and found nothing. Then we decided to have the Sky Master made to our specifications. With 52 inch wingspan, the Cessna 337 Sky master kit form Chin Model Air Craft. This Finest scale is a new designed using CAD/CAM and taking scale outline from the original Sky Master result the kits outstanding performance.

This outstanding kit features all CNC Cut Parts, pre-notch construction for quick and accurate building, CAD/CAM design for precision part fit, AutoCAD drawing plans, CNC cut parts diagram, complete hardware pack, landing gear set, decals set and a Complete step by step photo illustrate instruction manual.

Prototype Specifications

  • Wingspan: 52 in
  • Overall Length: 39 in
  • Steerable nose wheel
  • Flying Weight:  1820 grams
  • Wing Load: 22 oz./sq ft)
  • Bolt-on wing mounting
  • Building time 60-80 hours
  • Price 195 USD (Power system, Monokote and Shipping not included )

Recommended power and Radio system;

  • Brushless Motor BL 2215/1050 KV X 2
  • ESC 30 A X 2
  • Battery Li-Poly 11.1V 2200 mAh (20C) X 2
  • Propeller  9060-1060
  • Pusher 9060-1060
  • 5 Servos  9 g (Torque 1.8 Kg)
  • 1 Servo Hitec 81 ( Elevator )
  • Radio 5 C.h. driving 6 Servo (Aileron 2 ) (Ruder 2 )(Elevator 1)(Nose Gear 1)



Opening the box you will found the following kit package;

1. Fuselage contents pack cut with CNC
2. Boom contents pack cut with CNC
3. Wing contents pack cut with CNC
4. Decals set, molded windshield and windows
5. Hardware contents pack
6. Auto Cad plan sheet size A0 1:1
7. Step-by-step instruction manual CD (over 480 Photo with illustration in Adobe PDF format)
8. 3 sheets of CNC cut parts diagram size A 4
9. Fiberglass cowling
10. Monokote (optional)

Cessna 337 Sky Master (O-2) Package details

The photo of fuselage components cut with CNC

The photo of wings components including LE, spar, TE and ailerons cut with CNC

The photo of twin boom parts cut with CNC

Epoxy adhesive 50 grams, screws, nut and etc.

Landing gear set and Flexible nose wheel push rod with metal clevis

Molded windshield and decals set

Fiberglass cowling


Cessna 337 Sky Master (O-2) Kit details
Nose-Rear fiberglass cowling designed for 40mm. spinner and easy to install engine
The fuselage bottom as an original sky master and shaped with nose-rear fiberglass cowling

Molded windshield designed for sky master only

Battery hatch designed ease to access to the battery

Wing strut with nylon clevis, make it ease to remove the wing for travel

High strength and ease to install, pre bend 3 mm. aluminum main landing gear as the original sky master

Taper wing and twin booms are well designed for accurate and ease to assemble

Dorsal air scoop is designed to locate on the TE of the wing for ease to remove the wing

The controllable twin Rudder which is unable to found in the compact size airplane scale 

The Rudder and Elevator servos are designed to locate in the wing to keep scale outline

Aileron servo installed on servo hatch

Only servo arm protruded


Cessna 337 Sky Master (O-2) at the flying field

M.r. Kuraji Koike from Japan take the photo with Cessna 337

Compare with 7 age children

Rear view

Before first flight at the local air field with flying weight 1820 g

Brushless motor giving thrust 1500 g

C.G. on position make nose heavy 2-3 degree
Ready for Take-Off
Thank you and hope you enjoy with building and flying